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Industries We Serve

Mining, Oil and Gas, and Heavy Construction

Piton Exploration has 15 years of experience providing geological consulting and remote logistics services in the field. We can partner with you for each stage of the project, from planning to execution and completion.

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American Mining Industry

Piton Exploration will partner with you at each stage of the exploration process. Our geological analyses and unique reporting style are designed to help our clients focus on the right areas so they can optimize resource extraction and get the best value possible from each project.

We also partner with trusted sub-contractors as needed to generate additional studies, such as geophysical surveys, environmental baseline surveys, cultural resource surveys, and other specialists. We also regularly partner with drilling companies, explosives engineers, and heavy equipment operators to push forward project development.

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Oil & Gas Industry

The Piton Exploration team is experienced in drilling fluids management and testing, as well as environmental compliance and monitoring. Whether you’re working on land-based rigs on the North Slope, to jack-up rigs in Cook Inlet, or offshore drill-ships in the Arctic Ocean, we have the knowledge and expertise to support a wide variety of drilling operations safely.

In addition to geological consulting services, we provide remote logistics services to ensure your team.

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Heavy Construction Industry

On any heavy construction project, it’s critical to understand both surface and sub-surface ground conditions with regards to soil and bedrock stability. The Piton Exploration team has been involved with geotechnical studies and helped develop solutions for roadways, railways, pipelines, dam abutments, and tunnels. We have experience installing rock bolts, draped mesh, pinned mesh, shotcrete, micropiles, and dewatering systems in a wide range of environments across North America.

We will work with you every step of the way to analyze the sub-surface structures, slope stability, and rockfall mitigation strategies, to ensure ground masses at your jobsite are stable and work can proceed.

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Alaska Remote Logistics

Alaska has an area of approximately 663,268 square miles, with 6,640 miles of coastline and the highest mountains on the continent, but accessible to less than 17,735 miles of maintained roads. The land is rich in minerals and other opportunities, but accessing project sites and drill sites can be a serious undertaking.

Piton Exploration is your remote logistics partner. We provide remote logistics to all sectors working in far-flung areas of Alaska. If you give us a GPS point, we will get you there. We coordinate transportation to jobsites all over Alaska by fixed wing, rotor wing, land-based or water-based means. We can also assist with arranging supply chains and staffing your jobsite. The safety and support of your team is our number one priority.

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